Taishan MeiBao Plastic Products Co., Ltd., was founded on April 19, 2016. It is located in Dajiang town, Taishan city, Guangdong province in China, where the manufacturing industry is highly concentrated. It is an enterprise which always focuses on research development and manufacture of environmental-friendly disposable plastic food containers. The products are beautiful, recyclable and microwavable, and also have the advantages of good hardness and heat resistance.

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    Bento boxes are also called fresh-keeping boxes, disposable lunch boxes, disposable lunch boxes, etc. There are three kinds of fresh-keeping boxes: one is plastic fresh-keeping box:

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    We all know that tableware is a daily necessities we need. Porcelain, iron, alloy, and plastic household items used in daily life are all reusable, while those used for packing and t

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