Plastic Sushi Tray
Rectangular Plastic Sushi Tray JT-03

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Rectangular Plastic Sushi Tray JT-03

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Plastic Sushi Tray

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Product Description:

The plastic bento box is the one with the most changes in color and shape. It can be made cute or elegant, and can meet the needs of basically all people. It usually has good airtightness, is very light and convenient to carry, and can be heated by microwave at the same time.

Boxed packaging containers made of plastic have many characteristics such as low density, light weight, and easy processing. The appearance can be transparent or opaque. It is widely used in the food packaging industry.

Product Features:

● 2 pieces of MOMIJI printing base and clear lid keep your food in good display .

● Raised over cap flat-top lids allow containers to be stacked but also increases the interior capacity significantly.

● The superior food product visualization of clear packaging.

● The ability to vent the lid if needed,easily and convenient  to store.

● Various sizes to accommodate single portions to family sizes.

● Exceptionally durable and versatile.

Precautions for Use:

1. Please do not put in freshly fried food or hot things;

2. Please do not put it next to high temperature appliances such as stoves, so as not to cause the container to deform or even burn;

3. Because the edge of the container has a certain cutting edge, please pay attention when using it;

4. To prevent dust and bacteria from sticking to the container, please put it in a sealable plastic bag when storing;

5. Do not store in a humid place;

6. The company's food containers are disposable utensils, please do not reuse them.

Product Specification:

Rectangular Plastic Sushi Tray

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