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What is the difference between injection molding disposable lunch boxes and blister disposable lunch boxes

In the blister injection molding industry, most of the lunch boxes are made by the blister process, and the injection molding process is rarely used, so why? Today, the editor of MeiBao Plastic will tell you.

disposable lunch boxes

1. The cost of the equipment used in the blister process and the injection molding process is not much different, but the price of the blister mold is not expensive. The mold of 20,000-30,000 is already a good mold; the price of the injection mold is relatively expensive. Prices range from hundreds of thousands to millions. Therefore, in terms of price, if the output of your product is more than 100,000 pieces, you can choose the injection molding process; if the output of your product is less than 100,000 pieces, you can choose the blister process.

2. Compared with the products manufactured by the blister process, the products manufactured by the injection molding process have higher precision, more beautiful products and stronger consistency, but for the lunch box products you need to produce, there is no need to strictly require the precision, so generally choose Blister process.

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