Disposable Hinged Lunch Box
Black Disposable Lunch Box MB-83

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Black Disposable Lunch Box MB-83

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Disposable Hinged Lunch Box

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Product Features:

● 2 pieces of MOMIJI printing base and clear lid keep your food in good display .

● Raised over cap flat-top lids allow containers to be stacked but also increases the interior capacity significantly.

● The superior food product visualization of clear packaging.

● The ability to vent the lid if needed,easily and convenient  to store.

● Various sizes to accommodate single portions to family sizes.

● Exceptionally durable and versatile.

Precautions for Use:

1. Please do not put in freshly fried food or hot things;

2. Please do not put it next to high temperature appliances such as stoves, so as not to cause the container to deform or even burn;

3. Because the edge of the container has a certain cutting edge, please pay attention when using it;

4. To prevent dust and bacteria from sticking to the container, please put it in a sealable plastic bag when storing;

5. Do not store in a humid place;

6. The company's food containers are disposable utensils, please do not reuse them.

Product Specification:

Black Disposable Lunch Box

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