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How to use the disposable lunch box?

In today's urban life, fast food is a natural thing for most white-collar workers to order takeaways and eat lunch boxes. The way of eating these lunches will inevitably have to deal with disposable lunch boxes. Recently, microwave lunch boxes and disposable lunch boxes have encountered quality and safety problems, and many white-collar workers are afraid of this. In fact, facing the relative disposable lunch boxes day and night, it is better to learn to choose and use disposable lunch boxes correctly.

Generally speaking, the stores that charge the environmental protection packaging fee generally use the transparent lunch box with a hard texture. This kind of disposable lunch box is more environmentally friendly and guaranteed; the one that does not charge the packaging fee is generally a white foam lunch box; the fast food bought in the supermarket is generally a plastic lunch box. packaged. The white-collar takeaway family does not have much choice for lunch boxes. Basically, they only choose what to eat, not what lunch box to use. The lunch box is delivered, and it will not be rejected because of the lunch box.

Disposable lunch box application

Relevant experts believe that not all disposable lunch boxes are harmful, and some are due to improper use. There are more pure polypropylene lunch boxes, composite lunch boxes and foamed lunch boxes on the market. The pure polypropylene (PP code is 5) lunch box has high safety, and the temperature resistance can reach 120℃. It can hold oily and high temperature food, and can also be used in microwave ovens.

The main raw materials of composite lunch boxes are polypropylene, fillers and color masterbatches, and poor-quality composite lunch boxes may use raw and auxiliary materials in violation of regulations. The main material of the disposable foam lunch box is polystyrene, which is not resistant to high temperature and easy to absorb oil.

Generally, heating in a microwave oven for a short time will not precipitate excess plasticizer. However, if the temperature exceeds the upper limit of heat resistance, the plasticizer may also be released, and long-term heating of plastic lunch boxes with high temperature should be avoided.

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