Plastic Sushi Tray
Round Plastic Sushi Platter Tray JT-65

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Round Plastic Sushi Platter Tray JT-65

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Plastic Sushi Tray

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Product Description:

A round sushi tray with a lid, whether it is a lid or a base, has a certain degree of hardness, and is generally fixed by a buckle to prevent crushing and impact resistance.

In addition to the rectangular plastic sushi tray, the plastic sushi tray produced by our company also has a series of disposable plastic packaging boxes such as round plastic sushi platter tray and sushi plastic tray bowl to meet the packaging needs of various specifications.

Product Features:

● 2 pieces of MOMIJI printed base and clear lid in matching sized.

● Food grade materials, stable performance.

● Has the advantages of practically, beauty and firm structure, good hardness.

● Available in three round sizes to suit your needs.

● Durable, economical trays that can be reused and later recycled.

● Stacking feature provides ultimate space efficiency

● Nontoxic, harmless, healthy, and safety.

● The premium look that a black container offers food items.

● Our environmentally friendly trays are a simple way to take your first step towards living green.

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