Disposable Compartment Lunch Box
Compartment Disposable Lunch Box JT-8307

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Compartment Disposable Lunch Box JT-8307

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Disposable Compartment Lunch Box

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Product Description:

Disposable fast food boxes have been changed from foam lunch boxes to environmentally friendly lunch boxes. The original foam lunch boxes are not resistant to high temperatures and the production process causes damage to the environment and are eliminated. Plastic lunch boxes, paper lunch boxes, wooden lunch boxes and degradable lunch boxes are available and many more. Among them, plastic has the characteristics of low toxicity, high melting point, strong plasticity, simple production and relatively low cost, and has become the mainstream material for manufacturing disposable fast food boxes.

The requirements for the use of disposable fast food boxes: First, reliable quality, including plastic parts with reliable strength, beautiful appearance, non-toxic and harmless; second, low manufacturing cost, including single plastic parts with light weight, low material prices and high material utilization, production The processing is convenient and the output is large enough.

Product Features:

● Black compartment rectangular disposable plastic bento box.

● 2 pieces with PS black base and BOPS clear lid.

● Food grade materials, stable performance.

● No peculiar smell.

● Nontoxic, harmless, healthy, and safety

● Heavy-duty materials featuring good hardness and not easy to deform in carrying food.

● No hole design, cover and base tightly closed featuring strong sealing.

● Has the advantages of practically, beauty and firm structure, good hardness.

● Various compartment design to ensure items are properly stored.

● Compartment design has the advantages of practically and food storage separately.

Product Specification:

Compartment Disposable Lunch Box

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