Disposable Hinged Lunch Box
White Disposable Lunch Box MMB-93

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White Disposable Lunch Box MMB-93

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Disposable Hinged Lunch Box

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Product Description:

Can the plastic lunch box contain spices? Regular plastic products may dissolve less material. It is not bad for oil, vinegar, and soy sauce, but it is not recommended. There are indeed some fat-soluble small molecules in plastics. If they are used for daily filling of edible oil, some substances will infiltrate into vegetable oil. Compared to beverage plastic bottles, glass bottles are a better choice.

Product Features:

● PP plastic white food container is disposable, recyclable and Eco-friendly . 

● All the raw materials we use are food -grade and safety guarantee.

● Heavy-duty materials featuring good hardness and not easy to deform in carrying hot food.

● Safety usable in refrigerators and microwave.

● No peculiar smell, non-toxic, harmless and healthy.

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White Disposable Lunch Box

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