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Quality comparison of disposable plastic boxes

In recent years, the disposable plastic boxes on the market have shifted from foam lunch boxes to environmentally friendly lunch boxes. The original foam packaging boxes have been eliminated because they are not resistant to high temperature and the production process causes damage to the environment. The alternatives are plastic lunch boxes and paper lunch boxes. , wooden lunch boxes, degradable lunch boxes...etc.

Among them, plastics have the characteristics of low toxicity, high melting point, strong plasticity, easy production and relatively low cost, so they have become the materials for manufacturing disposable snack boxes. Such as PP plastic lunch box, PP refers to polypropylene, which has very good mechanical properties and thermal properties, especially suitable for packaging applications of heated meals. And PS polystyrene, hard and brittle, non-toxic, tasteless, especially suitable for frozen food packaging such as cakes or salads.

plastic lunch box

The main ingredient used to make plastic bags is polyvinyl chloride, and the gas hydrogen chloride (HCL) it emits is a toxic gas, especially for plastic bags that have not been inspected by the health department. It is very dangerous and can easily lead to cancer.

Taishan MeiBao Plastic Products Co., Ltd.It is an enterprise which always focuses on research development and manufacture of environmental-friendly disposable plastic food containers. The products are beautiful, recyclable and microwavable, and also have the advantages of good hardness and heat resistance . All the products passed the SGS inspection and certification, and meet the standard of FDA in America. At present, our products are exported to major regions in North America.,looking forward to your cooperation.

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