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What kind of garbage is a disposable lunch box?

Disposable lunch boxes are often used. So, how to classify this kind of domestic waste with a very high frequency? Many people can be wrong. Come and learn together today!

Used disposable lunch boxes are other garbage. Most of the disposable lunch boxes are made of plastic, which is what we often call white pollution. When throwing garbage, you should pay attention to putting it in other garbage bins. In addition, try not to use it as much as possible when purchasing goods.

Disposable lunch box classification

The cost of recycling used disposable lunch boxes is too high because of leftovers and oil stains. To re-clean, cleaning will increase the cost of a labor process. The high cost of recycling outweighs the gains.

So when we choose disposable lunch boxes, we should choose some disposable plastic box manufacturers that focus on R&D and environmental protection. Taishan MeiBao Plastic Products Co., Ltd.It is an enterprise which always focuses on research development and manufacture of environmental-friendly disposable plastic food containers. The products are beautiful, recyclable and microwavable, and also have the advantages of good hardness and heat resistance .

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